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Is it for for Omar Khadr to kill and receive $10 Million Dollars?

There is a legal case in Canada just passed where a man named Omar Khadr received a payment of $10 Million Dollarss and an apology from the Canadian government for 'violating his Charter Rights'.

Geez, I know the Canadian people are polite and nice but really?
You reward a man who killed a US solider and partially blind another because he was put in Guantanamo as a terrorist because that's what he was!

Maybe he should sue his parents who were part of Al Queda and not the Canadian government who supported the entire family. I just can't believe he got a cheque for just over ten million dollars.

How can this happen? How can a terrorist profit from his crimes? What about the widow of the US soldier or the other one he almost killed? Did they receive even 1/10 of what Khadr received?

Please explain how this is fair or just. Especially any Canadian who can explain this better as it's sickening to me.
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