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Re: Will my training presentation on May 24 be good?

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I certainly am thinking of ways to attack the presentation that will set it apart from the others given the very short time of the presentation (20 minutes). By the way, the presentation is all about doing/teaching/instructing a fifteen minute training to the audience. Do you mean that I should not be thinking of having fun/creative, because in reality I should actually be seriously taking this?
Thinking creatively is great! You should definitely make the presentation fun/engaging to appeal to the audience. I love seeing where the Moon is positioned in horary questions since it usually provides additional insight into the mind of the person who asked the question.

It's an intriguing horary question because you have an applying conjunction between two significators, but the quesited's significator is combust. If I had to make a formal determination, I'd say you will pass the test/presentation since the two significators are making an applying conjunction. I searched the forum for "quesited combust" and found a helpful response from Dr. Farr...

Since the Sun is a primary significator, the other significators moving to conjoin it show the definite connection of the other significators with the quesited significator...Further, if the Sun in any horary is a primary significator and it connects with the other primary significator in the question, although technically combust, nonetheless it shows the closest connection possible between the primary significators-this is from the Primary Ankara horary tradition: in short, "combustion" between the primary significators (quesited and querent significators) is NOT a detriment or testimony against the question, but one of the strongest [positive] testimonies FOR the matter of the question.
Come back and let us know whether you pass the test/presentation!
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