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Re: Asteroids and points- deciphering the meaning

Your pof is good. Its conjunct its exaltation dispositer, who is... exalted. Venus aspects it as well, which is good. In the 2nd house probably means that money isnt as big an issue for you as it is to some. Perhaps you come from a wealthy family.

Eris conjunct your ascendant and Mercury indicates that many times it can seem like no matter what you say you wind up offending somebody. Aries has a tendancy to speak first and think later, I would try to think about what you say before you say it instead.

Chiron conjunct your Ic indicates that you are wounded in some way and that it is visible to others. Though to you the wound may be hidden, a repressed memory perhaps. Or maybe your wound may be hidden to others initially but once they get to know you well, it becomes apparent. Im not completely sure.

lillith conjunct Pluto in scorpio in the house 8 indicates occult interests, Id stay away from curses and black magick if i were you though.
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