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Re: Midpoints on nodes in synastry?

Originally Posted by melisa View Post
Zarathu, do u mean that only 2 planets' midpoints ought to be looked at (and not the midpoints of the vertex of person A and person B)? That makes sense.
I would have thought that looking at person A's Sun-Venus planetary midpoint conjunct Person B's vertex might be significant?
What is your opinion of midpoints within a composite? For example, looking at the composite, if the midpoint of the composite Sun and Venus is conjunct the composite Saturn, would that make it a more serious and stable romance? Or would looking at the midpoints of a composite (which is a set of midpoints already) be getting too carried away?

Points can't aspect other points. The vertex is a point. If the vertex happens to fall in a conjucntion with another midpoint, I can accept that---but ony that.

I don't use composites until a full synastry has been developed. But..... a composite is a contrived chart made up of midpoints between two charts. Doing midpoints in a chart already made by spacial or time midpoints is crazy, IMO.
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