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Re: Ba Zhi Sharing

Originally Posted by Krista View Post
Dear all,

We are Chinese who have delved into numerology for years and mainly focus on "ba zhi" which is very similar to western astrology. Currently, we would like to promote this ancient eastern wisdom to western world and wish more and more people could be benefited from it. We have developed our own App (posted on advertisement board) but would like to improve more about its content and accuracy.

Therefore, we would like to do the free "Ba Zhi" fortune teller sharing (which is normally charged +100 bucks) for you on this board. If you are interested in knowing more about your characteristics, your life and your career, please feel free to leave your birthday information here.

For example, 1981/05/01/10:00am (better to have birth time but fine if you don't know about it)

We will reply to you on this board directly. Your feedback will be highly appreciated because it will help us to improve our accuracy and our App development.

Dear Krista
If you have time heres mine
Male: 9 january 1962 at 2 pm Sheep hour

thanks in advance
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