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Re: How Long Will I Work at New Job?

I would have taken the 10th ruler as your job, as it seems you are wanting to do some training in this field and possibly have a career in this profession, right? 6th house would be more of a service type work that is just there for paying bills, rather than a career.
I consider this job to be more service type work, but one in which I intend to learn as much as possible. It may not lead directly to the kind of career I had envisioned, but certainly, it is in a related field. I believe the sixth house is the correct house to consider because Virgo on the cusp in this chart; Virgo is concerned with matters of health and nutrition. Capricorn on the tenth house cusp with its ruler Saturn in Libra does not seem as apt a description.

Venus is also exalt and about to enter the sign of its detriment in 2 degrees. Venus and Saturn don't make a ptolemic aspect, but there is this inconjucnt between them. Are you completely satified with the work? Inconjucnt would mean some adjusting to do seems things are out of whack here, possibly between you and the employer?
I am satisfied thus far because the work environment suits my temperament and the company appears to share many of my values. However, I have had to learn and adjust quickly.

If I use Mercury instead of Saturn as the job significator, however, what do I look for? There is no aspect between these two planets, but I believe the next aspect between them will be a conjunction--albeit, after Mercury and then Venus goes retrograde. What should I make of this? I initially had planned to time the duration of the job by measuring how long an aspect between the planets will take to perfect in an ephemeris, but a conjunction does not seem an appropriate aspect to indicate a separation.

The fact that Venus will change signs and conjucnt Uranus, points to a break up of sorts. So it could mean you leaving this job in about 4 months (4 degrees before Venus/Uranus conjunct). I think for the next 2 months you'd feel good working there, but then when Venus enters Aries, things may go downhill and there may be some dissatisfaction. You will choose to leave.
I ignored Uranus when I studied the chart because it's an outer planet, and outer planets aren't used in horary traditionally, but I think your take is correct nevertheless. This is the impression I had when I viewed the chart--that I will be happy working during the symbolic time that Venus is in Pisces, but conditions will worsen when Venus enters Aries. I certainly hope I last longer than two months, however. I also agree with you and Dr. Farr that most likely, "the querent [I] will be the one to decide if employment continues, rather than the employer." This corresponds with my prior experiences. I am curious how you and he see this in the chart.

I do think the career within this field may be the right one for you with Saturn conjucnt Fortuna, but possibly not with the current employer.
Again, I believe this is very likely. I have been oddly intent upon health matters, particularly nutrition, for about two years now; I don't think it's a passing interest.

Mercury and Sun are the secondary significators for the job, although they are close to 11th cusp. Moon will square Jupiter in the 12th and also oppose Mercury/Sun. It seems issues that are 'unseen' at the moment will surface which may make you think twice whether you want this job or not.
I will keep my eyes peeled and update this thread if/when such unseen issues appear.

Best wishes!
Thank you! And thanks for your very helpful delineation.

(Following is not in accordance with standard horary practice and uses whole sign house format)

I'll use the Lot of Dismissal or Resignation (saturn+jupiter-sun) to estimate this:

-LODOR falls @ 15 Capricorn
-querent = 1st house = Taurus = Venus
-Venus around the wheel to conjunction with LODOR = approx. 9 1/2 signs
-since fixed signs are on the pivots, each sign = 1 month
-first estimate = 9/10 months
-co-significator Moon to LODOR = 5 1/2 signs = 5/6 months second estimate, based on the LODOR the time estimate for continuing employment with the same employer is from a minimum of 5 months up to a maximum of 10 months, from the date of this question; indications are that the querent will be the one to decide if employment continues, rather than the employer; IF the querent is still choosing to stay with the current employer after the maximum 10 month period has elapsed, then querent will likely continue to stay and work with the same employer for at least 1 year thereafter.
Fascinating method! One of my horary astrology books contains a list of some Arabic Parts, and sure enough, I found the one to which you referred. I certainly hope I stay employed here for a longer period of time; I want to demonstrate to myself and future employers that I possess qualities of commitment and loyalty, that I do not quit at the first signs of difficulty. Thank you, as well, Dr. Farr!

Arian Maverick
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