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Re: How Long Will I Work at New Job?

I would have taken the 10th ruler as your job, as it seems you are wanting to do some training in this field and possibly have a career in this profession, right? 6th house would be more of a service type work that is just there for paying bills, rather than a career.

So I'd take Saturn to signify your job/career. Saturn is conjunct fortuna, which seems positive, it could mean more money coming to you through this work or that this field is the right one for you. Possibly. But Saturn, even though exalt is about to go Rx.

Venus is also exalt and about to enter the sign of its detriment in 2 degrees. Venus and Saturn don't make a ptolemic aspect, but there is this inconjucnt between them. Are you completely satified with the work? Inconjucnt would mean some adjusting to do seems things are out of whack here, possibly between you and the employer?

The fact that Venus will change signs and conjucnt Uranus, points to a break up of sorts. So it could mean you leaving this job in about 4 months (4 degrees before Venus/Uranus conjunct). I think for the next 2 months you'd feel good working there, but then when Venus enters Aries, things may go downhill and there may be some dissatisfaction. You will choose to leave.

I do think the career within this field may be the right one for you with Saturn conjucnt Fortuna, but possibly not with the current employer.

Mercury and Sun are the secondary significators for the job, although they are close to 11th cusp. Moon will square Jupiter in the 12th and also oppose Mercury/Sun. It seems issues that are 'unseen' at the moment will surface which may make you think twice whether you want this job or not.

Best wishes!
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