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Re: Solar Return and the house of Sun

hello yelena,

first of all I want to say that I'm sorry to hear about all these problems that you have.

the first thing I noticed when I saw your charts is a double Saturn - ASC conjunct: SR saturn with natal ASC and SR ASC with natal Saturn. this is a very, very hard aspect. it means a year with a lot of problems, limitations, hardship. I know because I've had this aspect in the past. Don't worry, if you manage your problems now it should be well in the future.

I have to say to you that the 10th house is not only the house of job, recognition but it is also a very public house, bringing you to the attention of other people (it doesn't necessarily mean that you will appear on TV!). the opposition with the Saturn in the 4th is very clear, most probably your problems with the house has brought you to the attention of the public in a harsh way.

Your SR ASC ruler, the Moon is in the 8th house in a conjunction with the 9th house cusp. the 8th house also rules other people's money. so my guess is, although I don't know your situation, is that perhaps you have to leave your house due to a problem with a bank loan, maybe the house you lived in depended somehow on other people's money?

Saturn is also transiting your first house which is usually a hard time. you will feel very limited and you'll have to take on additional responsibilities. this transit will continue this whole year...

hope this helped you in a way
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