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Re: Solar Return and the house of Sun

hello yelena,

first of all I think that destiny can hand you over opportunities/challenges but then it is up to us really to do something with them. example: one year I had a SR with Jupiter, Moon, Uranus all in good aspect to the MC and the SR showed opportunities for traveling. well, I wanted to change my job and I applied to tons of jobs and just when I had given up hope that something might change I got a well-paid job with a wonderful boss and extraordinary opportunities for business trips. if I wouldn't have been persistent I wouldn't have got the job. the SUN was in the 11th and I also met a lot of people and made many, great friends that year. It was another aspect. The SR should be interpreted as a whole, not just where the Sun is.

I had the SR Sun only once in my 8th house. I had actually witnessed a war that year and had been involved with the death of a lot of people around me, this triggered a lot of subconscious issues which lay hidden. the 8th house is complicated and very scorpionic in feeling - it deals with death, sexuality, other people's money, subconscious issues. it doesn't necessarily mean that you will get financial support from others!

what I saw in your SR chart is that you had Libra rising which is about dealing with other people, close relationships, whether they are love, friendship or other types of relationship. Venus was in the 7th so this was accentuated. But I find the SR very revealing when it is compared to the natal. the natal house which is brought to the SR ASC is quite important. maybe you should try this as well?

there are many other aspects which can be used in the interpretation for the SR. unfortunately, this is something which one can learn only in time...
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