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Re: Solar Return and the house of Sun

Hi gemini59,

Thank you very much to look at my SR for 2008. You are soo kind person.

About struggling with vehicles: no, I didn't.
I struggle more years with the Court. That must be some other period or those Sun, Moon, Venus and other years (I have looked those years before, but now I have forgot that).

This year 2011/12 is critical: there is ruler of other people (7th) Saturn in 4th with only hard aspects. I have problems with other people, especially from the higher position.
Looking my Sun (in 10th) and Moon (in 8th): there is nothing from both of them (sorry, I should write there, where is my Solar Return 2011).

WL, B.

P.s. I see now that SR ASC for 2004 and 2008: both have ASC Libra.
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