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Re: Solar Return and the house of Sun

Yes, I did this research. It was helpful. I am sorry if people ramble to much to be helpful.

Since solar returns are snapshots of a whole year there is a lot of information in them.

But learning how to be clear and speak to laymen as well as professionals does take time to develop.

I see your 2008/2008. I am looking at dignities too in conjunction with placements.

So the ruler of the first house (which is an important focus) is not strong in Aries and though a trine is harmonious it also may imply an easy pathway for negative energy. Thus the not so strong venus in trine to the restrictive saturn may imply not so good things. A lot depends on the strength of your natal venus/saturn relationship.

Sun is about ego focus for the year thus the sun in the 8th cusp implies more about your concerns about debt in general or loans or something similar. It does have an ease to saturn, ruler of your 4th and may imply someone in your family helping you but again this depends on your natal sun/saturn relationship.

I try modern descriptions as well as traditional. So the ruler of your 2nd house this year could be mars and could be pluto, the higher octave of mars. So Pluto (again a trine may not be a good thing) implies eruptive circumstances, things that have festered suddenly coming up. Mars at the top of the chart has a lot of challenges including an opposition to jupiter, or ruler of your 3rd house. Did you struggle with vehicle issues that year? or had challenges connected to this?

Well...good observations...lots to learn. And we are all learning.

Hope this helps.
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