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Solar Return and the house of Sun

I have few books about Solar Return and have seen that those, who write a lot about Solar Return, they say a little, like the women they talk to much (and nothing!!!).
I like short and clear explanation and not one page for just one aspect or planet placement (somebody here, very good knows, what I am talking about).
About the Sun and houses: I have here the proof when the Sun's place is important.

Solar Return for 2004/05:

I had Sun in 7th together with Mercury there. My natal Sun is in 7th and Mercury in 6th, conjunct 7th house. Here was very active my 7th house.
As my SR ASC is Libra (here in the 1st house), and ruler Venus in SR 9th: I was 5 weeks in abroad and have got lots of supports. Venus is here ruler of 8th: help from other people in abroad (9th house).

Solar Return 2008/09:

Here is my Sun in 8th in grand trine. I was told that I will get some help or money from other people. I didn’t get anything. Even if my Sun is close to 8th it still belongs to the 7th and I look my Sun so (my own experiences).

I think that everybody should look back his own Solar Return’s and see, what happened then, when was important SR year and when was not important.

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