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Red face Re: 8/5/09 Eclipse


For me the eclipse happened in my h1. It squared my Mercury conj MC in Scorpio in h10, and sextiled my Chiron rx in Aries in h3.

I ended up blurting out something at my Mum (didn't even feel like me saying it, or something I would normally say) because it felt like she was trying to eclipse me that day (h1?). Don't know what came over me (or her as a matter of fact). It just felt like she had no respect for me and was trying to take over with my kids. V. annoying. I would normally deal with this in a much calmer manner - Mum has a strong personality and I need to assert myself sometimes. Incidentally, my natal moon falls in my h12 (say no more!).

Anyway, we are now left with a strange and uncomfortable aftermath. I hope it will be resolved soon. Unchartered territory.

Just my experience!

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