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Re: Arsenal - Frankfurt Horary

Originally Posted by herrreinsch3 View Post
About an hour ago I asked fensi88 what he thinks about this match but of course it won't be published because I can't contribute an astrological context.

When you post as a new member, you get a message telling you that your post is going to moderation. Apparently, you didn't read that message. Posts that go to moderation do not appear til a moderator has approved them, and that happens whenever a moderator is next available--no set schedule. We only approve posts that follow the forum rules, so if the same post is made more than once, only one gets approved (cross posting is not allowed), and it must be in the correct forum, or we move it there before approving.

Forum rules require all horary questions to be posted in the horary section. They are not allowed anywhere else. For that reason, I moved your thread here from Sports Astrology (and deleted your duplicates of this topic).

Private messages welcome if they're either moderation-related matters or personal messages for me, but please do not send me astrological questions or chart reading requests. I answer those on the forum sometimes, and in my practice always, but not in private messaging.

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