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Re: help with vocations/life purpose

Originally Posted by freebird9 View Post

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Some made sense and some i didn't really make heads or tails of tbh. I take it this is in vedic?. mechanics/technical sounds interesting but intails huge amounts of training, maybe to late in life to pursue, accounting type work would bore me to an early grave..dislike office work.

Just thought astrology would give me some insights to re enforce my decisions for my work life-purpose to life- i have also asked about chiron and balsamic moon phase in another thread to see if that has any bearing on vocation-direction to go in, everyone has been very kind with their feedback though.

Appreciate sharing your thoughts on the reading.

The idea is not to take things literally but explore similar extended ideas
n tune with your traits-talents-ideas and situation and plans, step by step, preparing for the same on a ladder.

While examine and understand the astrological karmic blocks or limitations and remedies to try.

Rahu-ketu are not vedic, they are the North-South Nodes as already clarified.

It is all about signs and planets and houses and aspects and tropical transits as per the western placidus chart provided,
and their meanings to my best, for information and consideration for thought and appropriate action in exploratory process.

Wishing you well, kshantaram
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