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So hereís a question for you to answer as part of your explorations on vocation. I imagine you are still in UK a place I donít know much about with regards to setting up a career in social work. In the US that field, and counseling, are extremely heavily regimented. Graduate schooling (after 4 years university that means) is required plus thousands of hours of supervised, usually low-paid, hours of counseling performed. All must be according to the demands of the state or employer. So when I see Moon-Uranus in 6th in Sag it immediately makes me think of a gifted person who might chafe at those requirements.
Maybe you could do it, with that Saturn Pluto in Libra and Merc in Capricorn, but you would have to know what you were getting into and really solidly want it anyway.
Are there other options you could pursue that would not require a path of licensing, or would give you some kind of freedom in the way you work?
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