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Lightbulb Re: Will I get this job

Originally Posted by dheerpat View Post
Thanks rafaella update is today I called up the interviewer she told me she is traveling and her team mates have taken over recruitment , she says will get back next week if any update is given to her. Is she avoiding me? Don't understand why these recruiters don't inform honestly.

Anyways should I upload event chart that is when interview took place? Is that significant over query as query chart was cast before interview happened

Als0 moon square Jupiter , that also not good Isnot it?

"You might need to reapply for a similar position before you get this job. But I do believe a job will come."

Not understood exactly.

Moon square Jup is not always a bad thing, it just means some challenge, perhaps a test to go through or a hurdle. More concering is Mer retrograde in fall of Moon which prohibits the Moon/Jup aspect. Mer rx is something of a bigger hurdle, retrograde generally means a redoing of something or reapplying, going back and doing something again or perhaps communication issues as this is Mer rx. So as you found out the recruiter now will be changing for you so that may mean changes, they may get you to redo the test or just ask you to reapply another time.

I think if there are any similar positions elsewhere, do apply, do not sit and wait for this one. Keep your options open and apply to as many jobs as you can.

all the best!
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