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Re: Will she agree?

hello Heavensmystery

I am sorry but i am referring to this specific chart..I don't know what are other houses or charts you mention here.If i understood correctly you were asking whether you will make a deal with this landlord about one house=mars=l4 and in order this to happen l1 must find l7.So what we have here is mainly two things: mars has separated from saturn and moon applies to mars...but mars cannot connect saturn and moon since he is not the quicker planet here.moon's sextile to mars implies only the news you got from her..that she cant decide etc... and then there was also previously a separating aspect by antiscion(between moon and saturn).Regarding sun's sextile to saturn about 8 units i don't think you were prepared to wait for so long and having sun in a fixed sign and angular and saturn cardinal and succedent i would have said about 8 weeks...if not longer, as medium time .Not to mention that saturn has moon(your co-ruler) in his detriment and though he receives her from triplicity detriment is stronger..also your kids since you mentioned also that ...saturn in jupiter's term and he loaths that scenario.and you as sun in venus (l10=the prise, rent)detriment..mercury also stationary about to retrograde as a natural sig for communication conjuncts venus and troubles the deal once that's all..strictly astrological speaking.
i wish you all the best
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