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Pluto influences in my chart and not relating to my birth chart

Hi all!

So, Iíve been into astrology for literally forever - I absolutely love everything about it, but the more I look into my birth chart, the more confused I get. I just simply donít relate to it - Iíve never felt like an Aries, and the way others see me, is normally the opposite of a Leo rising - people see me being reserved, quiet, calculating - still friendly and easy to approach.

This seems to be the opposite of what my birth chart tells me with the Sun influences, having Leo rising, and Sun and Venus in the 9th (when using Placidus).

So, Iíve recently started interpreting my birth chart with Porphyry, which makes SO much more sense to me! The Sun and Venus fall into the 8th house, and there seems to be much more Pluto influence in my chart.

Would you guys be able to help me with this?

My chart using Placidus:

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