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Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
Look at the big picture.

Three planets in the SR sixth, and it's actually ruled by Jupiter, which is at the SR 6th house cusp. These planets fall in your natal third and fourth houses. You just moved to take a new job, didn't you? Are you having to work hard at your new job?
Yes I did and I moved suddenly to another city as you predicted last year My contract is only end of Jan 2020. I think Iím handling my current job quite well so maybe something new is happening after that. And currently Iím planning to move back to the place I left to be here.

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
And then, your most packed SR house, with Sun-Venus-Mars plus Mercury at its cusp, is the third. See a theme? (You're also having a Venus return about the same time as your solar return. Within a day.)

Third house: close to home, neighborhood, short trips, siblings. Communication, efforts. Maybe learning some new skills (that could fit the third and sixth house combination).
Maybe itís me finally writing my thesis to university but wow I didnít know about Venus Return. I made a chart and I attached it to the end of this post of someone is interested to look at it. But there is also planets backed to the 10th career things are emphatisiced?

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
If you had a lot of sixth house combined with a lot of first house, that's when I would be more inclined to think of health issues. Or maybe sixth and twelfth. But when it's sixth and third, the common themes are more likely to be skills/work/communication.

Regarding the Chiron/seventh house bit, what I find most relevant is that you keep falling for unavailable people. Falling for someone who's unavailable once or occasionally wouldn't be a pattern, but repeatedly falling for unavailable people is a pattern... and it's a pattern that shows that you yourself are not available, even if you think you are.

It's also a particularly Piscean way of avoiding intimacy. If I saw that statement without seeing your chart, I would immediately think you had your DC, or Venus, or DC ruler in Pisces. All signs are capable of avoiding intimacy, but they have their own particular ways of doing it. Pisces' way is to chase unavailable people, or, if you're not much for chasing people, then quietly attract unavailable people. That, or idealize your partner (or hold an impossible ideal for a potential partner, if you're single--which is also Virgo's way, only Virgo will break it down into detail).

Emotionally, you're not really available. Repeatedly attracting unavailable men is a sign of that.
Yes my desc ruler is Pisces. I know I have this problem but after 3 years in therapy I hoped I would have overcome it somewhat. Maybe I have, if one would say itís progress to go from someone being quietly attracted to one who will her feelings to be known to another person. Well Iím more open than before and I trust people more than before. But apparently there is still lot of thing to be deal with Maybe Chiron at 7th is also about opportunity to be healed?

My Venus return chart:

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