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Re: Triplicities?

Originally Posted by CelstialAZ23 View Post
Ok! I was confused. Never even heard of triplicities. They are new to me, and confusing how they work.
Are you learning modern astrology, or traditional astrology? Or are you just using astrology to explore your relationship?

If you're studying traditional astrology, triplicities are a piece of it. If not, you don't really need them. As a modern astrologer, I look for the element balance in a chart: does this chart have the most placements in fire, earth, water, or air? And which elements are underrepresented? Some charts are balanced pretty evenly, but in most cases, one or two elements dominate and one or two have little or nothing in them. Knowing which signs are in which element comes in handy for getting a sense of the overall flavor of a chart, and for understanding the signs in more depth.

But you don't have to learn all the details of triplicity in order to understand that.
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