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Re: Triplicities?

The 12 signs can be divided into 3 groups of 4 signs (quality, mode or quadrature) and 4 groups of 3 signs (the triplicities or elements).

The three qualities are Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable (or Common). Cardinal signs are active, immediate, opportunistic, expedient. Their "mode of meeting the outer world" (which is what the qualities indicate) is geared to changing and directing the course of external events. "Cardinal" comes from the Latin for "hinge", and activation of this Quality may signify a "turning point" in the life.

The Fixed signs are not particularly concerned with events of themselves, but rather with the internalized significance of the event. Fixed signs tend to place emphasis on values, principles, ideals and such, and are engaged in a lifelong quest to get their inner self straightened out. They meet life's experiences like a big boulder in just flows around the imperturbable self.

Common signs are people-oriented and tend to change themselves to fit circumstances, rather than changing circumstances to suit themselves, as the Cardinal signs do.

If one of the modes is "preponderant" [6 or more planets posited in the quality], then the qualities of the Quality will be a preponderant feature of the personality. They contain much more information than what is listed above. A formation, like T-square or stellium, adds extra emphasis.

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