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What are triplicities? I donít seem to understand. I have sun, mercury and Venus in capricorn. And the man Iím seeing has sun mercury and mars in cancer. Very opposite, but both cardinal? Iím confused
briefly, the following table illustrates TRIPLICITIES

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You're asking two different questions here. Is your question really about triplicities, or really about the oppositions in your synastry with your boyfriend? Those are entirely different things. What does one have to do with the other?

Triplicity means, basically, sign elements. The triplicities are fire, earth, air, and water. There are three signs in each element. Cardinality, mutability, and fixity are modalities. That's not the same thing as triplicity.

Every sign has both an element (triplicity) and a modality. No two are the same combination. Each triplicity has one sign in each modality, and vice versa.

Capricorn is cardinal earth, and Cancer is cardinal water. Same modality, different triplicities. All oppositions (unless they're out of sign) are between signs in the same modality but not the same element.

Triplicity is actually used in traditional astrology, mostly, and traditional astrology does more with it

than just name the element. Rulers come into play as well. Modern astrologers more often say sign element rather than triplicity. They mean the same thing, but in modern astrology, attention isn't usually paid to triplicity rulers. However, that's not about relational astrology, and not relevant to your synastry opposition.
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