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Re: Mars-Pluto: A potentially dangerous aspect in someone's natal chart

A lot of people have transpersonal planets aspecting their inner planets, so they're ALL off-putting because they've certain compulsions?

I know 3 Mars square Pluto individuals. One is my childhood friend. Another one is my friend of 20yrs. The last one is the guy I love. Coincidentally they all have Cancer Mars. I've never felt threatened by them. None of them are violent or dangerous, so I think we should stop labelling them this way.

What I can say about them is they each have their own authoritarian views on things so they can come across strong, but they've never forced me to conform (it will not be possible anyway, LOL). Survivor instincts are strong and they can withstand a lot of hardships for long periods of time.

It is said that Mars/Pluto people are not afraid of confrontations and people think they pick fights, but that's not what I see. My childhood friend, for e.g., always walk away from a quarrel.
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