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Re: What is the framework through which we assess temperament

What is Temperament? (pp.1-2)

It might be easier to define temperament by what it is not.
In the first place, it is not the same as personality
although personality can incorporate parts of someone's temperament in its expression.
Personality is shaped by both internal and external factors, whereas
temperament is entirely innate.
Temperament is not character, though in some ways
the two concepts have a commonality.
Character can refer to the distinctive features

or qualities that distinguish one form from another
and so is innate like temperament
but it also refers, at least in modern English connotation
to the moral nature of a person.

The original Greek meaning of the word charakter is "stamp"
as in something used to make an impression in wax or metal.
So character is an impression on the person which, in that connotation,
implies something from without (parental or societal) rather than within.
Temperament, by contrast, is inherent.
We are born with our temperaments
and while there may be overlays of one temperamental style or another during our lives
what we get is what we keep.
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