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Re: Sun square/opposite Venus in synastry: scandalous love?

Well I could post it, why not.

But it was not just friendship and it is still not just friendship, at least the way i experience it now. We have met twice after separation, once after 3-4 years, and once after 20 yeas. There is this sweetness and tenderness... that really is quite romantic. I felt both times that we could just hold each other hands so naturally and spontaneously. But we both have other commitments now that we want to respect therefore we don't act out.

Of course, there are a few squares that have harmed us I guess. But I was speaking about the romance, love, ans sexual relationship and therefore about how Venus and Mars were involved. And I believe the Sun-Venus opposition did make it happen.

Well there is also a Mars-Sun exact trine which must have helped us being physically in tune.

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