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Originally Posted by GeneralRam View Post
(I know it's kind of a "newbie" question, but I've barely started scratching the surface of astrology, so please don't grill me.)

The reason I ask this is because my sun is in Aries, but despite this, I absolutely loathe most Sagittarius sun people I meet, even though Aries and Sagittarius are both fire signs. They confuse the hell out of me, and they give off this bitchy vibe when I'm just trying to be friendly with them. I also notice how people I know don't always get along well with other people even when they have "compatible" sun signs.

A lot of emphasis is put on sun signs for some reason, but are they really as significant as many people make them out to be?
Yes important as Dr farr said, but not the end alk.

Honestly dominant signs [sometimes this is the Sun sign] are the way to go. Espically because many times dominant signs will transcend different forms of astrology.

Yes sag cam be bitchy [ im a sag rising in tropical/Sag Sun in sidereal-vedic]. You have probably experienced the kind of sag who thinks there better than everyone else and who will stop at nothing to meet their goals (aiming the arrow high, firing at anyone in their path).

I myself am a Capricorn dominant. We aren't the unemotional, calm people, who are boring and only care about our cats that you find on Tumblr.

Most Capricorn strong people I know are softies deep down, and would dance around the fire nude or have sex to cast a magic spell.

I'm interested in seeing your dominant sign(s). As Aries may not be it.
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