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Re: SR year question

That depends on when your birthday is. For about three months before your birthday, there's some overlap. What your solar return chart shows starts to manifest about three months before your solar return. That three month period is when the new is starting to come in and the old solar return predictions may still be in effect. Kind of like winter slowly turning into spring, or any other season change.

If your next solar return is three months away or less, you could start looking at a new solar return chart, and you might see a glimmer of what it's showing. If it's late in the year and you just had it, you're still in the 2016/17 solar return chart.

Solar returns can also be revisited at throughout the year. As aspects perfect and new ones form, new indicators come into play. I don't know how to do this myself yet, but an astrologer I previously consulted for my own solar return had graphs set up for when certain predictions were most likely to manifest. One of our members, Unique Astrology, likes to cast charts for solar oppositions and other points in the year.
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