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Re: Did she steal the envelope

Hi SoreHearted,

I believe that the secretary did indeed steal the envelope. You asked if she took the envelope from her place of employment. Since you have asked a question specifically about the secretary I would take her as the 1st house and it's ruler. The envelope would be her employers, (10th house), second house and ruler, (Mercury).

So, Mercury, (the money), and the Sun, (the secretary), are located in Aries...her 9th house..the employers 12th. Mercury is also is burned up.....gone. The money was hidden and possibly taken out of the business with the mail or stacks of paper, (Mercury's last seperating aspect was a square to the Moon...ruler of the employers 3rd house...her 12th). The money was taken...perhaps the square is telling us of the difficulty that she had in stealing it...or that she was almost caught?

Mercury's antiscon lies at 11 degrees her 1st house and her employer's 4th house, (the end of matters...for them). The money is definitely with her. The POF lies in her 4th house, (end of matters...for her) and the employers 7th, (the enemy and the thief).

I hope that this this helps.

Take care,
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