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What impact have the Black Moon Lilith in a synastry ?


I've read a little bit about Black Moon Lilith lately.
What I want to ask you here is:

Is it true that the Black Moon Lilith strong ties in a synastry could be a strong catalyst in having an obsession for the other ?

In the past year I've been struggling to take her out of my mind but it is impossible for me

By strong ties in sinastry I mean:

* Her Black Lilith opposite my Black Lilith and my Saturn, conjunct my Midheaven and Eros, semi-sextile my Venus, sextile my Sun and my Mercury, square my Moon and my Neptune, trine my Uranus, trine my Juno and my Ascendant, quincunx my Pluto.

* My Black Lilith opposite her Black Lilith, conjunct her Mercury, sextile her Mars, semi-sextile her Pluto, semi-sextile her Sun and Juno, square her Neptune, quincunx her Moon;

I might be wrong but I want to double-check with you guys and girls...

Thank you
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