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Re: I fell in love with my own stalker! ...

For me it is clear, the only guilty one in this affair is Pluton. Your Scorpio ASC and its second ruler Pluton can give you self-destruction behaviour, and that is normally for Scorpions, their danger of their own.
Like you're describing your feeling and your situation I see that you are just like beeing bewitched by this person. That happens to so many people and even to a folk, yes. And when this person is going away, when all has finished in a way or another, then you are astonished by the following total emptiness where you cannot even understand that all this time happened to you! The problem is only, that you cannot do anything to stop it neither by your reflecting and your logic nor by your will - yes, that is what we call to be bewitched by someone.

Now, have a look at your Pluton, he is not only that bad. You have the capacity of great lucidity as a Scorpio rising. Use the good side of this Pluton to learn how to stop to be so strong willed for suffering and ask you how you could stop it and for what it will be so useful. Be strong for yourself.

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