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Re: I fell in love with my own stalker! ...

Originally Posted by RB298 View Post
It's a very intense feeling, and I often ask myself, how could I be attracted to someone who has openly threatened me, my life, and my well being many times - someone who has very openly made sadistic and cruel remarks towards me and expressed wanting to own me like nothing but a object. Is it because I see that there is more to this person than that? Those things don't define him, they just add another dimension to a troubled but fascinating personality full of depth and intensity of emotion.
Would you still be fascinated if you were to find out that actually that person isn't that deep and not capable of enormous depth and intensity?I think you are more attracted to the idea of "discovering" him and bring out the good in him than you are actually attracted in him.Him the way he's at the current moment.You should never a relationship hoping someone will change or you will manage to change him in the process,cause that means both parties are getting in it for the wrong reasons and it's disrespectful to try to change someone against their force.
Also you're not a psychologist,except if you have potential or some sort of talent you can't really help him and when he won't allow you to help him you can't force it upon it.And the way it is described it's not an equal relationship,you'll play the "doctor" part and he the "patient" part.Even if he were to get into a relationship with you could you really do that?What if he didn't turn out the way you wanted?Maybe what you think he is underneath all those layers isn't who he really is,only what you assume he is.
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