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Re: I fell in love with my own stalker.

The following information is not to be confused with sun sign descriptions.

Physical attributes of 'soul mate'

Venus ruler of chart ( unless Saturn is to be considered )

Venus conjoined Saturn orb 1deg
Venus sextile Pluto orb 4deg
Venus conjoined Neptune orb 9deg

thus for physical features

1st Capricorn
2nd Scorpio
3rd Pisces

1st Capricorn, Saturn or both on or near the asc or mc
2nd Scorpio, Pluto or both on or near asc or mc
3rd Pisces, Neptune or both or or near the asc or mc

Capricorn general physical

Medium stature, nose and chin long, glance more or less fixed to the ground, eyebrows low, hair and eyes dark, facial hair thin.

Scorpio general physical

Fairly well proportioned body, Scorpio usually has disproportioned body shape e.g., long body and short legs. As Pluto is in 2nd decanate which is ruled by Neptune/Jupiter it gives the body better proportions. Body firmly built but nervous, eyes will be penetrating, peculiar and fascinating, hair and beard will be black or brown often curled and dense.

Pisces general physical

Fleshy body, pale grey/green and watery eyes, usually the makings of a double chin, pale complexion, round shoulders, short arms and legs, hair fine and silky.

The 'soul mate' attributes should be seen as follows, the 1st description is the main description the other two modify what is specified in the 1st, e.g. Scorpio will increase the body size, thicken the facial hair and reduce the chin size, Pisces will lighten the eye's and skin. ( Pisces will have a lesser influence as the orb is greater )

If your stalker matches the above description then physically he is your 'soul mate'. if he matches just one or maybe two of the description's, then physically he will be compatible.

There are other factors to consider, namely his mind and spirit, but at present just the physical will suffice to show whether he is 'the one' or just a compatible mate.

You have Pluto in the 1st house and Libra asc but house 1 is mostly Scorpio. Your chart suggests that you are physically attractive on top of that you are instinctively perceived as having a really intense, deep, passionate, destructive, all consuming energy. Then once you get past that energy and actually talk to you, you find that the mind is as intense and magical as you had hoped it would be. As If your mind is not interesting and absorbing enough, when you engage your powers of abstract thought you can converse with the best and most 'out there' of philosophic thinkers.

You are a magnet for extreme people, I believe you always will be.

Your stalker has Pisces in the asc and Neptune near the mc, I believe this chap is compatible physically with you.

All the best
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