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Re: I fell in love with my own stalker! ...

I was wondering if you have your exact time of birth? I was just clarifying as I would expect a slightly different placement of your planets. It makes all the difference in the world for the interpretation.

Also, please post his chart separately. This type of synastry chart is useless without the degrees of the planets and angles.

I did notice he has Venus conjunct Uranus. This is the classic sign of someone who likes what is not available(i.e. the Hunt) and once the "kill" is made, it's off to greener pastures. Unavailable can come in many forms, the person is in another relationship, lives far away, not interested, etc. It can also go both ways, so either he is rejecting or the person he wants is rejecting them for whatever reason. I suspect he has Uranus either in his 5/7th house or Uranus challenging the ruler of one of these houses. These are very difficult aspects and makes it tough to ever be truly happy within a relationship. It's also pointing to someone who could spend a lot of money or have problems with it, but without the exact time of his birth it's hard to say for sure what houses it rules. Now I noticed Mars the ruler of your 7th(if you birth time is correct) is conjunct Uranus and Neptune. You have the same issues as this man does, liking what is not available. There is the tendency to look at relationships with rose colored glasses and there can be deception involved. Getting involved with men who have addictions is highlighted, as well as fast starts and abrupt endings to relationships that leave you scratching your head as to what happened. Now, again this is dependent on your time of birth.

I say you dodged a bullet although I do understand it doesn't make it easier. I just went through something similar with a man who has the same type of issues.
Originally Posted by RB298 View Post
Yes, it sounds crazy, but things happen...

I had an admirer for almost a year, who I consistently rejected romantically for the majority of that time because I was already involved. WE still communicated almost every day as "friends" and I gave him as much emotional support as I could. What I didn't realize was happening was that I was slowly falling in love with this person and getting absorbed into their fantasy dreamland where emotions run high, there's only the two of us, and it's like time stops when we meet.

It's a very intense feeling, and I often ask myself, how could I be attracted to someone who has openly threatened me, my life, and my well being many times - someone who has very openly made sadistic and cruel remarks towards me and expressed wanting to own me like nothing but a object. Is it because I see that there is more to this person than that? Those things don't define him, they just add another dimension to a troubled but fascinating personality full of depth and intensity of emotion.

I finally realized how I felt recently, and I wanted to enter a relationship with him, but I got shot down instead this time. I felt an incredible withdrawal effect. He told me all he cares about is sex, and that he cannot love anybody, but I am positive that's not true. His entire demeanor changed from a very sweet and sensitive person, to a sadistic psychopath (about six months ago) Now I'm in a lot of pain and confusion - since logically I shouldn't even like this person to begin with, but I do.

I sense a lot of Pluto influences now, and each relationship that appears seems to bring with it unheard of levels of destruction - emotionally, sexually, and physically.

I feel like I've made a huge mistake and caused a lot of pain to a very sensitive soul, pushing him off the edge and making him go mad with grief at times. I want to fix this.

Synastry - (I'm on the inside)
I attached my Natal too.

Thank you very much - RB

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