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Re: 4th House and Your Home/Room Interior

Originally Posted by AriesJupiter View Post
That's very interesting, because I have Cancer on the cusp of my 4th as well, and I am the same exact way! Although I have a great eye for design and decorating, I don't bother with my room, or really my house for that matter (I'm in my early 20's though). I live in my head, get distracted with internet & books, and prefer to go out and socialize when I'm not doing these things! How funny! Although, unlike StarNur, I don't have any planets in the 4th... other than Lilith right smack dab (about 10 minutes off) on my IC! I wonder if Lilith affects my design style of the home?
Actually, I just re-read this and realized I forgot to mention I have a Sagittarius Moon! That is probably why I like to get out and socialize... very similar to your Jupiter in the 4th! Also, probably why we like to read books and go on the internet rather than care about our surroundings... it all seems very Sagittarius/Jupiter themed! Exploring, the mind, etc...
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