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Re: The 4th House and How We Appear

I think the 4th house has a lot to do with a person's physical body. I also believe that planets aspecting the IC are equally important (if not moreso) in determining one's physical apperance. Does anyone else have an opinion?
This is most definately the Ascendant. It signifies our outward appearance and how our first impressions on others.

Anyway, my Nadir is - natally - in Gemini, however when I was three years old it progressed into Cancer, here's a snapshot of a corner of my room:

Mi dormitorio! My LotR blanket that I use as a gigantic poster! My Eowyn calendar poster (I have an Arwen and Galadriel one further along that wall)! My itty dream catcher (I have a larger and more elegant one on the other side of the blanket)! My green painted walls with gold and silver sponge paint (my idea by the way ^.^). Not so Cancerian...though, the LotR stuff was not a part of the original theme, that stuff just kind of got thrown in there some weeks and months afterwards. Worked out well though, I think.
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