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Re: 4th House and Your Home/Room Interior

Ah, so this must be why my bedroom has never looked particularly Arian--Aries is not the sign on my fourth house cusp!

My bedroom is very much decorated like your sister's with a zen theme, although there are no Chinese coins or jade elephants. I recently painted my walls a light beige color and removed a large rectangular frame and four smaller frames containing black-and-white photographs of Paris (I have never been there mais j'adore le culture); I also removed the string curtains I had on the windows near my bed and replaced them with delicate white ones. They don't really match the bedspread, but I've always been a bit eclectic!

As to what sign is on my Nadir, I am about as certain of this as I am of my Ascendant sign; it's either late Gemini or early Cancer.

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