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Re: 4th House and Your Home/Room Interior

My4th house starts in late Aries,and I have a tight Venus-IC conjunction.My room is a jungle,and it has always been.My progressed IC is now in Taurus and I still have the same IC-Venus conjunction,although it now falls in the sign of Taurus(Venus' dignity)and not Aries(it's detriment),but I have to say my room still looks like the3rd World War scenario..My natal Mars is in Gemini and my room was always filled with books,ever since I was a child,my friends even say my room looks like a library.I have books on the floor,on the shells,on top of the bed,under the bed,in the bed(yes,it's true),on top of the printer,in my desk...hundreds of books,everywhere I look around,not to mention the CD's,the fury animals,the clothes on top of the bed,and the mugs I used to drink tea(I'm too lazzy to put them in the kitchen again,I will do it someday).I don't know when my IC moved to Taurus but I noticed I started paying more atention to the aesthetic part of my room a few years ago:started hanging my drawings on the walls,as well as my favourite poems and inspirational quotes.One of the other things about my room is that it is full with coloured boxes where I hide my money,small gifts I get from friends,etc.It's a typicall teenager room I guess.
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