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4th House and Your Home/Room Interior

There was a show on Home and Garden I think, Design By The Signs.
The astrologers helped couples compromise by combining their 4th house sign's.

Do you see your 4th house cusp, and ruler of 4th's, characteristics revealed in how you decorate? Did a long transit/progression change it?

My sister has Aquarius, with Saturn in Leo,
Her old room...She painted it a freaky McDonald's yellow w/ red sponging technique combo, refused to change it.....
UNTIL progressed it moved to Pisces...The new house became all Zen-ish, chinese coins, jade elephants & light greens.
(Jupiter became the ruler, he's natally in Taurus)

Mine is Aries/Mars in Cap.
Easy, my 3 colors are red, black, gold, and tan.
Black curly designed rod iron.
Past 2 years since it moved to Taurus...I'm sick of it.
I'd do a total exotic, fun, gypsy theme if cash weren't an issue.
(Natal Venus in Sag!)
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