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Re: 4th House and Your Home/Room Interior

Originally Posted by StarNur View Post
4th house cusp is Cancer.

Jupiter in Leo in the 4th, conjunct IC. = Big family. Sagittarian father.

I dont like my bedroom...I don't really live in my room. I live in my head and when Im not I prefer to get out of the house and socialize...Thus I don't do much with it. Definitely the books and the internet in my room distract me from decorating it.
That's very interesting, because I have Cancer on the cusp of my 4th as well, and I am the same exact way! Although I have a great eye for design and decorating, I don't bother with my room, or really my house for that matter (I'm in my early 20's though). I live in my head, get distracted with internet & books, and prefer to go out and socialize when I'm not doing these things! How funny! Although, unlike StarNur, I don't have any planets in the 4th... other than Lilith right smack dab (about 10 minutes off) on my IC! I wonder if Lilith affects my design style of the home?
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