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Re: Did I make a total fool of myself?

And yet, for every genuine question, there is a genuine answer!

The chart does show an early ASC and a VOC Moon, yet what do those mean?

I think that the early ASC refers to you being unprepared and the VOC Moon says that whatever happened then is useless to think about it now as you can't change anything anyway. It is really that simple.

As your question refers to the PAST, look at separating aspects.
For instance the Moon in the 5th and separating from a trine with the 5th house ruler - so your audition wasn't that bad anyway. Sure thing, the Moon (your cosignificator) is in its exile (so you were totally at unease) but at least the Moon is received by the 5th house ruler, so the text or play did fit you in some way.

Now, if you really want to know the impression you made on the the people auditioning you - look at the 10th house (superiors). See that Algol fixed star on the Midheaven? Ouch! Yes, terrible impression.

Moving to the overall picture, what does the chart tell you? It says, that you performed terribly (Algol cj MC), you were unprepared (early ASC), yet it doesn't matter (Moon VOC), as you're going to work hard (ASC ruler, Mercury, in the 6th house), as you are a smart boy (Mercury in its triplicity) and you're going to improve yourself (Mercury conjunct Jupiter).

See? every chart can be read, just give it time.
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