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Re: Scorpio and Taurus relation

Originally Posted by astroman1
As I was reading the link about the T-squares, I realized I had other configurations like the kite on my Mercury and Sun. I bet that adds importance.

I was wondering something about my Venus. It is in the 7th house and conjuct DC but in opposition to AC. I know this doesnt show on the chart, but it can be interpreted that way. What kind of possitive or negative affects does this create?
All depends how she's aspected and you have square to Jupiter. Venus is how we give and receive love and how we earn our money. In aries, it's very direct and to the point, impatient and impulsive. Either you will have these traits or your partner will....(projected). Venus is very laid back social and gets a lot of pleasure from socialising, in the house of libra that may make your or your partner a little procrastinating and indecisive about where you go and what you do socially. Square to jupiter suggests on occasions you go 'over the top' with expanding socialising....
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