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Re: Scorpio and Taurus relation

Originally Posted by astroman1
I once read an extended chart that said that my Mercury has most influence on my chart, which makes sense since its chart ruler, followed by Pluto, which does not make sense, followed by the Sun, which again not sure why.

I say this because some of my other planets are in possitive possitions. So how does Pluto and Sun generate more influence? assuming if thats true.
Possibly cos your Pluto has 3 challenging aspects to is, namely, opp sun, moon (the 'lights' or luminaries) and mercury.

Mercury is your chart ruler ie; Ascendant sign ruler and where it is placed (which house) should assume importance. You need to study and read more of the basics. There is a great Education board/forum on here or try some of the links i PM you...
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