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Re: Thomas H Burgoyne

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Hi Jup, David and Opal,

Whatever the time is, these charts are by computer program, i have no idea how Astro Data Bank can be so wrong with the M.C. of Bill Clinton, it is out of sync by 13 degrees!

I am finding a lot of Presidents with either a connection to Sirius or Alnilam, perhaps they have been groomed for high office because of this?

Perhaps Astro Data Bank has rectified to show this? There are many possibilities other than astrological ones.

Perhaps Bill Clinton didn't want the Alnilam M.C. shown?
Hi Monk
Rectification is time consuming
and so
very few if any professional astrologers offer it as a service
here's a link to one


different astrologers RECTIFYING THE SAME CHART
may have different opinions
regarding the "correct rectified time"
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