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Originally Posted by Brea View Post
I personally have sun (me) square venus with someone really important/close to me. Since my ascendant is leo (as is his) and its my sun begin squared, I really dont feel like I can express myself around/with/to him (he's a very critical thinker). I have very earthy loving feelings for him, and he has feelings for me but he's so detached from his feelings its impossible to relax into them for one another. It's kinda ironic too since my dsc is in Aquarius. We both dont like to slap labels on our connections, we like our freedom, we like to give those we love freedom, and we're independent creatures. It's unfortunate because I just kinda want to love him in the moment (because I'm grateful to have found someone else operating on my level) because I dont want to ever weigh his awesome spirit down but these feelings are stifled.

Its really strange too because my moon trines his Jupiter. So All these good feelings get generated on my end but I cant really enjoy them with him. its weird too because we can physically express these feelings, even he can, but that's as far as it will ever get.

So over all Venus Sq Sun is not conductive to a happy expressive relationship unless maybe there are more pleasant Venus aspects present
I know this is a really old post....but just curious as to what happened to ur relationship? I have the same...both leo asc, sun sq venus, moon trine jup...physically great...but im so confused about what he feels...
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