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21. Nativity
Midheaven is powerful
Hour-Marker is powerful
Post-ascension of Midheaven is powerful
Post-ascension of Hour-Marker is powerful

Setting is operative
Anti-Midheaven is operative
Post-ascension of Setting is operative
Post-ascension of Anti-Midheaven is operative

Pre-ascension of Midheaven is inoperative
Pre-ascension of Hour-Marker is inoperative
Pre-ascension of Setting is inoperative
Pre-ascension of Anti-Midheaven is inoperative
I recommend the physical method of hourly trisections - the so-called Placidus house system with no offsets or blendings. Cusps are not important, but rather the local time it takes for the planetary and lot placements to rise, culminate, set and anti-culminate.

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