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Understanding The Moon In Libra

Hey there. I'd like to ask for some help regarding this placement I have in my chart. I've been interested in learning how to nurture myself emotionally (so, self-soothing, self-care, I think you get the idea), and for some time I've been trying out different things to see what gives me emotional comfort. I've decided to do a bit of digging around to understand this placement better for that reason, so I can understand this placement better as well as myself better.

What I'm trying to ask is, what kinds of things or activities would emotionally comfort a Libra Moon person? I know everyone's different, but I'm trying out different things to get to know myself better (nothing wrong with that, right?) so I'd like to get some ideas on things I could try out to see if it's comforting or not. I've read that socializing or being in a relationship emotionally feeds this sign, and while that is true for me, it's not exactly good to depend on other people for your emotional well-being all the time since people can be fickle. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Note* One thing I nearly forgot to ask. They say that Libra has an association with art (so traditional fine arts like painting, drawing, sculpting) but other sources say that they're good at design, decorating and fashion and matching colors but not so good at traditional fine arts. Can anyone help me figure this out? I'm confused.

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