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Re: Pisces

Originally Posted by Ekonomist13 View Post
Coming from a Piscean, we do tend to tolerate too much until we've had enough or face too many obstacles - then we become hysterical and can't control ourself - that's the part when you better run.

It's like complete opposite of Virgo - instead of being stable, patient and assertive, and turning around when we should, we accumulate all the unfairness and when our tank is full, we unleash it in order to survive.

It's all or nothing, baby!

But I think their/our biggest qualities are empathy and tendency to help others. And our biggest disadvantage - we rely too much on people we help(ed)
That's because pisces and 12th house peaople assume that other ppl have a good heart just like they do. So they give ppl lots of chances in hope they will learn. Eventually those ppl dont change and then pisces finds other strategies to get away.
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