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Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
That explains the double Moon/ninth house theme in your SR: natal Moon in SR ninth and SR Moon in natal ninth, and Moon is the SR chart ruler. Finishing your higher education is apt. As one of the two astrological planets that cannot go retrograde (the other is Sun), if Moon is doing something like that at the solar return, you get a clear path to completion. No obstacles, no turning back. And, SR Moon shows your emotional focus.

For your Venus return chart, Jupiter is the ruler and is placed in the first house. Higher education again. Or other Jupiter/Sag/ninth house themes.

Have you tried hypnotherapy? Talk therapy can only go so far. If what you're dealing with is a deeply unconscious pattern, and it obviously is--otherwise, you would be aware of what it is that's keeping you from choosing someone available. Working with the deep unconscious is called for.
Thank you for your suggestions Osamenor. I actually booked appointment with hypnotherapist and letís see how it goes. I have to wait till middle of next month to go there. Maybe it will help me with this. At the moment I have zero interest to write my thesis. I actually feel that Iím depressed again and maybe I should see doctor to have meds etc.
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