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Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post
Sorry to learn of your health owes and hospitalisation etc sans diagnosis!!

ketu now transit natal rahu sag 10th over the year
till Dusshera approx,
and rahu transit natal ketu gemini 4th,
reverse overlapping transits,
life style reversals, job separation;

rahu transit natal ketu gemini 4th,
toxic chest-lung-heart issues;

every month donate 125gms each
white til and mustard seeds at
Meenakshi/Mataji temple thurs after sunset;

Mid-may jup-sat retro transit 4-5 months
towards natal rahu sag 10th, again toxic issues,
Add 125gms each yellow chanadal and
whole black uraddal;

Planets in the navamsa are not well placed,
better donate 125gms for each planet
not to leave anything to chance;
all described earlier notes;
Wet all the nine mixed grains overnight and
give to Cows, or give separately to a Brahmin

Moon satabhisha nakshatra, ruled by rahu,
inviting 100 doctors??
moon 12th house for health and hospitalisation,
acq airy, uncertain, mystique;
light daily mustard oil diya for rahu in the morning at home;
for ketu gemini recite Ganesh Stotra;

Asc lord jup over leo 6th impacting health,
liver, heart, stomach,
light cow ghee diya daily mornings;
5th lord sun over 9th with badhaka mer scorpio,
urological issues;
float 1.25kg moongdal over clean flowing river tues after sunset;
sun-mer-mars scorpio, urological-skin-thigh inflammations;

hope this will enable take stock and review the state of affairs in the chart,
rahu-ketu now playing a key role with life reversals
with overlapping transits for the year ahead for quite some time.

sat cap 11th though in house of gains through old people, old friends and technology
could also cause health issues arms-shoulders-ears-knees;
while natal ketu gemini 4th too impacts these organs apart from heart-lungs;
transit rahu over gemini aggravates the ailments;
perform japa for ketu;


asc lord jup is now debilated in transit over the 11th alongwith sat,
becoming stingy, with gradual improvements;
natal jup over leo 5th for health issues;

Recite Mrutyunjaya Mantra 108 times morning and evening
and all the while when mind is free keeping occupied with Mantra;

wishing you well,

🙏 Thanks so much for the reply its always so comforting and nice to speak to you, you are so honest so proper and accurate with the details 😊 its like a counseling session

I did the mustard seeds and white till thursday evening actually I left it as a Guptdaan for a brahmin with some dakshina the brahman got it but does not know who it is that ok ji?

After doing the bhadak Mercury moong daal in river sister recived very good news she passed an exam she was attempting to pass for last two years-_my main reason for doing this remedy was for the severe skin inflmations and asthma chest releif :-(

My knowlege of astrology is elementary forgive me first I did the white till on wednesdays and Mustard seeds on saturday evening which I was doing by your suggestion for my natal ketu and rahu..but should I now continue doing them both on Thursday evenings?

I will do the urad dal and channa dal next Thursday with your blessings because both Jupiter/Shani would be retrograde to saggitarius then over my natal Rahu and transit Ketu 10th house 😅

Just curious Saturn is transiting my natal saturn is that like having two saturns at once? right now this capricorn saturn is joined by Jupiter for another few weeks and then will be joined by lagna lord Jupiter Saturn for a year in Capricorn? So I dont have to bother you then can you kindly let me know if I should do remedy for them together in capricorn?.. 🙏

Last but not least i sense a calm before the storm my Saturn MD/Ketu sub period fast approaches I believe it will start in September 2020..just curious will this period give both effect of natal ketu (in Gemini in Mula nakshatra) and transit ketu which during the duration of this period transit ketu will be in scorpio over natal Sun+Mars+Mercury..please pls let me know what I can expect in this one year period of ketu sub period and please suggest me the remedy now so that I dont have to bother you then ji 😅 🙏

Sorry for the long post but I do love your replies 🙏 🙏 🙏

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